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Boating and yachting gather in La Rochelle

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The Ilago agency was entrusted with the setting up of the first edition of a new event: the Assises Nationales du Nautisme et de la Plaisance (National Conference for Boating and Yachting), which were held on 29 and 30 May in La Rochelle. After the Assises de l’économie de la mer (Conference for sea economy) and the Assises de la Pêche et des Produits de la mer (Conference for fishing and seafood), Ilago brings its event experience in the area of boating and yachting.

Organized by the Ouest-France group in partnership with the Confédération du nautisme et de la plaisance (Confederation of Boating and Yachting) and with the support of Sud-Ouest, this event brought together 480 professionals and 52 speakers who discussed topical themes: the regulatory and environmental issues, the attractiveness and promotion of boating and water sports and innovation through the boat of the future. The participants were also able to meet and exchange in a friendly way during the lunch and cocktail breaks.

Coordination, production, ticketing, control, press, digital… The experience gained by the team during the other two Assises it deals with (Assises de l’économie de la mer 2016, 2017 and Assises de la Pêche et des produits e la mer 2016, 2017 and 2018) made this event a great success for a first edition.


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